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Terms & Conditions

This website falls under the control of Web Perspective S.A.R.L , the following conditions apply to all the users accessing and using this website.
Beb2Beb may modify these conditions from time to time so you are advised to keep yourself up to date by regularly checking the conditions under this website.
By using this website you agree to abide by the following conditions:

Service Availability:  
Interruptions of the service that are not controllable by Beb2beb may occur, Beb2Beb will not take responsibility for losses in data while uploading information to the website caused by an interruption of the internet service or any kind of external factors that may cause a data loss. In the other hand our main aim is to provide the best service we can offer and keep the service accessible to our visitors all the time.

Most of our offers and deals are limited by a specified time limit which requires the customer to respect the timeframe and to complete the transaction within the specified period in order to take advantage and benefit from the offer. As for customers concern every detail about the offer timeframe and limitations will be displayed in a clear way so the customer will be aware of it.

Parents permission for minors is preferable for using the Beb2Beb website, if by mistake information about minors were collected it will be directly removed.
Some offers may have age limitations.
when making a purchase through the Beb2Beb website we require our customers to keep the receipt of their purchases with them in case of any error that may occur and in order to avoid any kind of misunderstanding, a receipt is an official documents that proves that a product or service has been purchased with the total amount paid and the prices for each item.
Products purchased from Beb2Beb may be gifted or sold, but if Beb2Beb notices that a user is purchasing big quantities of coupons and products in order to resell them, the user that has done such a behavior will be prohibited from using his account.
The value the coupon purchased is determined by the actual  amount the buyer paid for it and not the promotional value stated on the Coupon.
Beb2Beb will determine buyer’s agreement with these terms and reserves the right to prohibit access to the Site or Service by anyone who does not respect those terms.
In order to take full advantage of the services offered by Beb2beb and to ensure your security, the user of this website must create an account, by doing so he can modify his preferences and keep records of his past orders.
The user of the website must allow us to use and gather his personal information such as his name, address and email in order for us to provide the best service we can. The user must accept the user agreement policy that states that all the information given by the user is correct and accurate.
Any action done in a user account falls under the responsibility of the user himself, so the user must  maintain confidentiality over his password and account. In case the user forgot his password or suspect anything concerning his account, it is require to immediately contact us for support.

It is preferable that our client to contact us and give us feedback by email in order to keep record of the conversation in writing in order to keep everything legal and to avoid any misunderstanding that might occurs.
Intellectual property:
The users of Beb2Beb website are strictly prohibited to use the site for any illegal purpose or with the intention of breaking the law. Furthermore it is strictly prohibited on user to post or to traffic any kind of objects that is considering abusive, violating or may disturb other users.
Any attempt to modify, copy or distribute the content of this website without the consent of Beb2Beb website in writing will have legal consequences, all the content of the Beb2Beb website is the property of Beb2Beb, partners and suppliers; and is protected by the Lebanese copyright laws.
The Beb2Beb brand name and logo are owned by only Beb2Beb owners therefore Beb2Beb is the only rightful owner and have all rights of possession and all right of use of the brand and all rights to benefit of Beb2Beb.

Beb2Beb does not have a warranty policy, in case the product bought was defected in its original packaging or the merchant refused to accept a coupon and act by the fine prints included in the deal. Beb2Beb will refund the user with the full amount paid  except the shipment fees.

The user of the Beb2Beb website must know that Beb2Beb is not liable for the defamatory, offensive or illegal conduct of other users or third parties and Beb2Beb will not be liable in this case.
Beb2Beb is liable in case of any damage or injury caused by an error, defection, transmission or delay in operation.
Beb2Beb is not liable regardless of the cause of any errors, inaccuracy or other defections or un authenticity of the information provided in connection with service or for any delay or interruption in the transmission or for any claims, none of the involved parties shall be liable for any third party losses of any nature, including without limitation losses or significant damages.
Beb2Beb hold no responsibility towards any content that a user, subscriber or an unauthorized user may post or upload and considered inappropriate, these content may be taken down by Beb2Beb.
Beb2Beb reserve the right to edit, change delete and forbid any content that is considered inappropriate.
The Beb2Beb body and individuals are not responsible for any damage in any user computer, hardware, software or other equipment or any security breach or virus without limitation.
The user holds responsibility of any dissatisfaction when using the site or the service, the user can discontinue using the site.
The user must agree to protect Beb2Beb and its body and agents against all expenses including attorney’s fees that come from the use of the service.

Beb2Beb have the full right at any time to edit any aspect or feature of the service including deals, content, hours of availability and equipment needed for use. Furthermore Beb2Beb have the right to modify this agreement for necessary reason without prior notification to the users, so the user has to check this agreement from time to time.

Beb2Beb have the right to monitor the content of its website at all times, including forums like face book pages and social media pages that may be included as part of the service. This step is done to satisfy the regulations set by the authorized government request.

The user must be aware that all discussions, comments or other message or communication channels are public and not private and other may read your messages without your knowledge, Beb2Beb does not control the content messages or information posted by any user therefore Beb2Beb disclaims any liability concerning any action resulting from any post by users.

Beb2Beb may terminate this agreement at any time. Beb2Beb will terminate any of the user’s passwords or accounts in case there was a behavior considered unacceptable by the Beb2Beb body that may breach this agreement.

Third party content:
Beb2Beb is a distributor and not a publisher of content supplied by third parties to the end users and has no editorial control over content, any opinions expressed or information posted belongs to its respective authors.
The beb2Beb website may contain links to third party Web sites, these links are provided solely as a ease for  you and not as an approval by Beb2Beb.Beb2beb hold no responsibility regarding any content or material posted on third-party Web sites.

This Agreement, along with the terms and conditions written on the Voucher and the terms and conditions written on the face of the offer, constitutes the entire agreement of the parties with respect to the subject matters.
By placing an Order, you make an offer to us to purchase the Vouchers you have selected on the terms and conditions you agreed upon, for more information, please view our refund policy.

Refund policy:
If the merchant refused to accept the coupon or refused to act by the agreement shown on the  print including in the deal.
If the merchant offered a service in contrary to what was mentioned in the deal.
If the product you bought was defected in its original packaging.
In case of any similar situation as mentioned above the user will be refunded

Terms and Conditions for All Merchant Vouchers:
1- All vouchers issued from Beb2Beb.com are offered to the users below their face value and are subject to the term and conditions of Beb2Beb and the participating merchants and restaurants.
2- This Agreement incorporates by the legal terms and conditions set forth on the face of each Voucher and also the legal terms and conditions set forth on the face of the offer.
3- The holder and issuer of a restaurant/merchant voucher is the restaurant/merchant therefore any kind of injury, illness, damage or claim that might happen falls over the restaurant/restaurant responsibility.
4- Vouchers are non-refundable and non-transferrable
5- Beb2Beb nor the restaurant are responsible if the voucher is lost or has been stolen
6- Reproduction, sale or trade of a Voucher is strictly  prohibited unless there was an agreement with Beb2Beb
7- Any attempt of redemption which is not consistent with these terms and conditions will leave the Voucher null and void.
8- The offers that are limited to a specified time, have an expiry date and  will not be redeemable after the specified date unless the merchant accepts it.
9- If the user of the voucher didn’t use the total amount of the voucher at once he will not be able to use the same voucher again, we advise the users to use the full amount of the voucher in order to avoid such a case and to avoid any kind of misunderstanding.


Terms and Conditions for Restaurant-Specific Vouchers:
1- The redeeming of a specific restaurant voucher in exchange of an alcoholic beverage falls over the restaurant responsibility in case of serving alcohol to minors or breaking the law.
2- The specific restaurant vouchers cannot  be used to pay taxes or tips unless the restaurant agrees.
3- Usually the vouchers are only acceptable for dine in only, unless otherwise is stated.
4- All purchases of Vouchers for Restaurants may have some legal limitations, depending on each case for example if a minor redeem the voucher in exchange of an alcoholic beverage.

 Terms and Conditions for Non-Restaurant Merchant Vouchers:
1- Voucher may be redeemed only when buying merchandise sold by Merchants, and may not be applied to shipping or handling charges.
2- The user can use only one voucher per order unless the merchant specified the contrary.
3-  Vouchers are not part neither can be combined with other vouchers or promotions unless otherwise is specified by the merchant.

Payment methods:
The user has 3 options of payments to choose between:
1- Credit/debit card: the user can use a visa or master card to pay for the items, this method is safe and secure to a large extent because the credentials information are between the user and the bank , Beb2Beb does not keep this kind of this information in its database.
2- Cash on delivery: The user must provide his exact detailed address and contact information when placing an order, after the order is done Aramex courier will courier will deliver the products and collect the money in addition to the delivery fees.
3- Bank deposit: The user  have the option to go to any of bank Med branches in Lebanon and provide the teller with the print of his order and deposit the amount due, in return the teller will provide him with an invoice containing the order number and his order will be activated within 48 hours.